Friday, January 12, 2007

happy new year !

My, that archive list is really getting a little too lengthy.

Anyway, i'm moving!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

happy b'day loys !

wohooOooOo... Just wanna wish... Happy birthday to loy yang!! aka sifu, sui yan, jin lui yan.

Big boy already. But this guy'll never be old. All his actions are so childish-like that i suppose he deserves to be called 'young' - for once.

Look at him greedily gorging my pineapple fried rice. Yes, he's one big guy with a huge appetite. Big as in tall, by the way.

Don't know exactly how long i've known you. But it's long i know. Well maybe not that long. No, it's long - but we weren't close then, during our primary school days. Haha. And yes, you've been a great friend :)

Nearly forgotten your b'day. But i didn't! Phew! Thanks to friendster. ahaha...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Haiz. Haven't been updating because i did nothing interesting during the 1-week deeparaya holidays. But it's time to update.

Alright. All i did during the holidays was eat sleep play eatsleepplay. That took only a sentence. But still have to update right?

Went out few times too. But nothing interesting happened. So i don't think i would want to blog about that.

I've been playing ragnarok during the holidays. It's like 80% of the holidays has been solely given to this game. Anyway, i played the ciplak offline version.

Ragnarok online, a MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game *haha*) is an online game which originated from korea, i think. This game had been such a fad last time before the p2p (pay to play) system was implemented. It is very less heard of now. Maybe all malaysians are kiasu-es that think paying for games is absolutely wrong.

Basically all you do in the game is to kill monsters to gain experience in order to level up. Since i'm currently playing the ciplak version, i must say that the game isn't as interesting. For one, in the genuine online version, war isn't limited to men versus monster where ingame guilds can fight against each other in the war of emperium (WoE) - a battle between several guilds for castles in town, which give them access to dungeons and treasures not accessible to people who are not in the residing guild.

But what's nice, like all private servers - the experience rate is increased several folds :)

I know the binoculars is ugly. But that's apparently the best headgear for hunters.

Played an archer/hunter this time. I think it's one of the easiest characters available since adding dex increases bow attack + accuracy - it's like killing two birds with one stone. The game's highly addictive, but i'm pretty sure i'll get bored of it very soon.

I DIDN'T STUDY!! What's worse was that i didn't touch any lecture notes throughout the first two weeks after summative 1 thinking that there'll a 1 week holiday coming. lalala. And when the holidays came, i kept procrastinating and procrastinating, and ended up doing nothing. Okla, i know you'll be reading this incredulously if i insist i didn't study at all. Well i read the lecture notes a lil. But no serious memorising of facts whatsoever. sobs

Got this from one of the forwarded mails. So fricking funny.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Am actually feeling extremely beh-song now - got another traffic summon for speeding. And i was driving at 96 km/h. That's not even close to being fast. kcuf kcuf!

Anyway, wanted to post some updates.

Alright. Went to mid valley with min last tuesday. Watched rob-b-hood - which was, nice lah. And, as usual, after lots of humming and hawing, we finally chose to dine in piccolo mondo. I ordered carbonara al funghi (i think) and it's the best best bestest carbonara i've tasted so far. The pastas here are to die for and one can choose their preferred pasta between penne, fusilli and... i forgot what. Anyway, we took no pictures. No pictures, no talk.

Then on the following day, i decided to follow the g10s to mid valley for their movie outing. Those who went were: diana, han ying, ik shyan, jue jing, li ven, rena, mei ann, and aaron (mei ann's significant other). We watched devil wears prada, which was quite nice...

And yeap, we decided to splurge and dine in chili's.

Mei ann just loves to take pictures of me eating.

And another one.

And after we were all satiated with our meals...

Yeap, the g10s celebrate few of our belated birthdays. So sweet. And the cake was yummy! The best best bestest tiramisu i've ever tasted.

Oh, by the way, i came back with only rm 1 in my purse. Boo hoo! But despite the appalling markup, the food was simply woolala.

Next, monday. Min had this lil buka puasa thing at his apartment. We had pizza hut, and i chowed down 4 pieces of it. Eating, after all, is the best antidote for any poisonous ailment. But of course it comes with a price to pay. Think of all the calories.

Us 5.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

an exclusive insight into the...

They say that medical students are intellectual beings. This is untrue. It may surprise you, but this is as intellectual as we may get.

Exhibit A : a conversation between Deb and Min.

Min : Haiz. Cant study! Was day dreaming. Panic Panic!!!!
Deb : Huh. Day dreaming about? I know ‘never mind’ huh.
Min : I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.
Deb : Yeah. I was day dreaming about minesweeper.
Min : I was day dreaming that you lost minesweeper.
Deb : harhar... Liar
Min : I thought that we were playing the lying game. Weren’t we?
Deb : Oh. I wasn’t... I don’t lie, remember?
Min : I thought that we were playing the lying game. Weren’t we?
Deb : Oh. I wasn’t... I don’t lie, remember?
Min : I’m bored. Text* But you never lie deb. I think I might be obese. I’m so happy that summative is coming. I wish this feeling could last forever. I’m sure I passed the CPR exam with flying colours.
Min : Haiz. I am still waiting for a reply you know. Never mind la. You must be asleep. See you tom.
Deb : I AM waiting for a reply. I replied your message what. Read the CSU handout, don’t really understand most of it.
Min : Huh? You sent me the same message twice. I thought it was an error. You must have sent that one twice.
Deb : Uh. You sent the same message twice also. So it’s your fault.
Min : What what. ZZZ. There must be a problem with the system, I’ll show you tom. Anyway, I’ll resend my last message.
Min : I’m bored. Text* But you never lie deb. I think I might be obese. I’m so happy that summative is coming. I wish this feeling could last forever. I’m sure I passed the CPR exam with flying colours.
Deb : Haa. I didn’t receive that.
Min : I’m so awake right now. I don’t have anything else to revise. I memorized everything already. I think I’ll go for a jog.
Deb : Ya ya. Your’re morbidly obese. I’m so awake too. It’s ok. I get to wake up late tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll be really attentive during lectures.
Min : That’s so not funny. If you don’t have to wake up early, let’s go and play DOTA now. We are both awake anyway. You only need to know the advance stuff in the CSU manual.
Deb : Yeah. DOTA then, you can come pick me and we’ll go. And we can pull an all nighter playing dota. So looking forward to CSU tomorrow. Since I get to wake up late. Poor you have to get up early :(
Min : I am coming now. Let me just take off my undies. I think you better stay awake now. I am trying to sleep till morning today. I got some things to forget. Then, I’ll probably revise in the afternoon, immediately after the second lecture which I am sure to go to.
Deb : I just won the expert minesweeper! Wah, what you have just said is so simple that I completely understood it. Are you going to wake up now or are you asking me to stay awake?
Min : I’m asking you to stay awake la. I’m trying to sleep. ‘Always mind’. Haha. I wont try to decipher for you tomorrow.
Deb : haha. Ok. I’m going to wake up after I finish reading this bit. So, good morning!!
Min : Hope you have horrible nightmare filled with JU ON and the RING lady. Haha
Deb : *I’m going to sleep with the lights on* Hmph!!!

Next day...

Min : I studied all day today. I’m so happy about it. So, I hope you had a terrible lunch with your kids.
Deb : yeah the lunch was horrible. I studied right after I reached home also, was feeling energetic that I read in the car too. What time did you study until?
Min : Till about 3. Then sleep a bit. Then went to C4 to lau sai. I didn’t buy a really horrible alarm clock. You should not see it sometime. It dims in the morning.
Deb : Um. Ok. I don’t know if I should ask - what did you lau sai? Eh, what does sIg stands for, by the way?
Min : Something immunoglobulin. I lau sai-ed ayamas. It felt so horrible. You lau sai yet?
Deb : hahahaha. Yeah lau sai-ed right after I slept. Plus I lau sai-ed a lot. Feel so hungry now.
Min : I am so hungry too. Maybe I should have lau sai more. Feeling so happy now. All the fat sure will deposit at my mons pubis.
Deb : Hhaha - Beh tahan. Crying like mad here. Think my brother thinks I am perfectly sane. Ok dunno what to say already :')
Min : If you want your brother to cry- show him the lau sai. I was in tears when I wrote the mons pubis. I think I lau sai-ed so much that I think I wanna eat cecair.

Just in case you're wondering,
CSU = clinical skills unit, and mons pubis = ...?

Totally unexpected right? However, that was 100% original. What wasn’t inserted in the message was:-

Min : I’m bored. Text* But you never lie deb. I think I might be obese. I’m so happy that summative is coming. I wish this feeling could last forever. I’m sure I passed the CPR exam with flying colours.

Text* = Let’s say the opposite of what we meant. I’ll start.


Friday, September 29, 2006

Min's 20th

Phew, i'm so tired of posting posts in my blog now. Next up would be min's 'surprise' birthday partay.

So after leaving pek yiong's place around 11.30 pm, i sort of rushed back to imu, fearing that i may be a lil late. I can't help being late lately. Been arriving late for lectures for the past few days.

Anyway, had to pick megala from vista B first, and by the time megala came down it was already past 12. And oh, while waiting for megala i actually sent a message to min wishing him happy birthday. Yes, i know, 10 minutes early and that kindda gave out a clue. Gr, but my phone's clock's always 10 minutes earlier!

Drove to vista A, and called york xiong when we were on our way up. Shall not explain the other flaws which ruined the surprise, since they weren't my fault :p

Got in the condo, prepared the cake, and tada! All of us were buzzy with anticipation - esp. york. But at point of time, i sort of figured out that min would have already suspected something. Well, never mind.

Someone had to put on a fake surprised look.


Haih. The blackforest cake. So wannna say 'stupid cake'. That's the only choice i'm left with. HAPAIZ. It's just ok, but i must say it's tad bare for my taste. Do you know that if there weren't any cakes left i would have to resort to combine 4 small tiramisu cakes?

Cut the cake, took some pictures, and... that's about it i guess.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sunway pyramid pt. 2

You've got to read the previous post before reading this.

Alright, so the plan was to pick pek yiong from taylor's at 6. But because of the buka puasa jam, i reached taylor's about 20 minutes late. Gosh, have i ever mentioned how much i hate jams? I can be cursing all the drivers on the road all through the jam.

okay, just as pek yiong opened the car door, she came in saying in superbright tones "HII LOU PO!!! MISS YOU SO MUCH". That led us bursting into fits of laughter and i laughed till i rolled on the floor wanted to come down from the car and roll on the road.

So i drove to pyramid, and since it was dinner time already the first thing we did was to decide where to eat. Being so debbitised, i couldn't make up my mind and we went around the shopping mall looking at the menus of almost every restaurant that has it displayed outside.

We thought maybe mcd or kfc. No. Went to ichiban ramen. No. Pizza hut. No. Then spent some time studying delifrance's menu. Most of the dishes have cheese. And pek yiong doesn't eat cheese. So, No. Cheesus! Almost every walkway in the mall has been pounded by our feet.

It was few more strides in the mall, till we finally decided to just settle for mr. tepanyaki. So we went in, and there was this unbearable smell that we rather not stay there. It smelt some sort like raw meat, plus chlorin, which made the whole restaurant smelt like a pet shop. Just because we were too paiseh to leave, pek yiong decided to just order a plate of chicken wings and dine in another place again later. ooh, we even wrote a note and left it on the table before we left, i forgot what were the exact words, but it basically says 'you stink!'.

Since our tummies were already 1% filled, we decided to just walk around the mall for a bit before eating again. And since the plan was also to get min's b'day cake, we went to several shops and restaurants enquiring about it. There was also this episode of embarassment when pek yiong and i wanted to enter mng and the glass doors were locked. After trying on one door, i went on and tried on the other, all the while being observed by the snotty sales assistant inside. Felt my face flame and we immediately scuttled away after realising how sia soi that moment was. Alright. I so wanted to get haagen dasz's ice cream cake. But they closed down - and it's now replaced with uncle lim's. Huh! Anyway, the only choice left is bread story, and they've that single cake left. Last minute, hapaiz. So i placed my order, and told them i would come and collect it later.

The furry balls that pek yiong bought. omg, sounds so obsence.

Then it was time for dinner - round 2. Went to sushi king, both of us ordered japanese sets and the food was good. We left the restaurant absolutely stuffed to the brim.

Yummy! Gosh, just noticed that i stuck my chopsticks upright in the rice bowl. Choi!

Pek yiong: "waiya! why is your spoon bigger than mine? why? why?"

Walked a lil bit more, went in some clothes shop and leafed through the hangers, and i tried on some shoes (need to get a pair). None of us bought anything but only got to gaze lustfully at them. Did i mention anything about me being stone broke?

Collected the cake at 9.30 pm, then went to giant before we left the mall. I hung out in pek yiong's place till 11.30 and we chatted blah-ed and blah-ed in her room.

Heard of the banana phone song before? When pek yiong played it on her phone i went asking "what's he saying? banana balls?" There's this very brief moment of amplified silence which was then followed with both of us bursting into peals of laughter. Banana balls, geddit?

We talked and talked, pretended to be ah lians-who-want-to-wear-sexy-but-not-reaveal-anything going to proms - it all started when pek yiong showed me a dress and she tried it on with her t-shirt. Must say that this short meet-up really made me happy and throughout the outing and i felt this surge of pure, unadulterated joy ;)

Then, it was finally time for me to leave.